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Easy to Use Microsoft Excel Solutions Designed to Meet Your Needs

Microsoft Excel is one of the most universally used tools on the market today. It is the most widely utilized tool in Microsoft Office Suite, and is arguably the tool that can provide the most value to your business. Because Excel provides endless solutions for data management and organizational woes, it can change your business for the better in a truly remarkable way.

Though it is widely used, much of its value is underestimated. The average Excel user knows how to make a simple spreadsheet, which is extremely useful, but this tool can accomplish so much more. That’s where we come in.

Get More Out of Your Data

The team of experts at YittBox will take your raw data and transforms it into a decision-making machine. You put the data in, and our solutions churn out powerful deductions and conclusions that ultimately cultivate growth in your business. What’s the point of collecting data if you’re not going to use it to your advantage? We help you get the most out of your data by assisting with data analysis, calculations, and visuals.

At YittBox, we are experts in all facets of Microsoft Excel, including VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). With our decades of experience and hands-on training, we are prepared to support you in getting the most out of this tool. Our vast knowledge and background allow us to see the full scope of what this tool has to offer you and your business. When you partner with us, we will use our skills and expertise to help you increase productivity and efficiency in a cost-effective manner.


YittBox leverages Excel’s capabilities and features and uses them to create custom-built solutions tailored specifically to you and your business.

We are your best resource for customized Microsoft Excel solutions. Here are a few of our specialties:

Microsoft Excel Creation and Design

Microsoft Excel Creation and Design

Not sure where to start? YittBox knows! Let us custom build solutions for you that help you get more out of your data. We handle all the behind-the-scenes development for you and design and deliver solutions that have features and functions unique to your specific business needs.

Analyzing your data will be simpler than ever with YittBox Excel Creation and Design services. No matter the size of your business, you will see a multitude of benefits instantly, ranging from increased organization to enhanced overall growth. We will ensure accurate calculations, superior data organization and management, process and workflow, and aesthetically pleasing spreadsheet designs.

YittBox is ready to jumpstart your custom Excel solutions! We can help by:

  • Designing unique spreadsheets, visuals, and calculations to make data analysis a cinch
  • Creating integrated Excel Charts (pie charts, bar charts, line charts, etc) so that you can “visualize” your data and transform it into information
  • Customizing pivot tables that allow you to extract significance from a large amount of data
  • Building scalable Excel VBA applications
  • Using advanced VBA Programming to automate tasks
  • Utilizing PowerQuery and PowerPivot where appropriate to build meaningful data models to allow for the most powerful data integrations and reports.

YittBox prides itself on helping businesses grow, which is why we provide expert services at a reasonable cost!

Microsoft Excel Creation and Design

Microsoft Excel Modification

Are your existing Excel solutions lacking something? Did it grow quickly and get out of control? Has the “power user” who created it become the single point of failure and now maybe even moved on to a different position? If you’re looking to enhance an existing Excel solution, YittBox can modify and enhance what you’ve already built. Why start from scratch and reinvent the wheel when you already have a starting place? We will partner with you and your team to decide on deliverables and then architect the entire process. Modification is a great way to get more out of what you’re already using, increase its efficiency, and with minimal costs!

Let us revamp your existing systems and transform them into more well-rounded, fully functioning solutions! We can customize the features that you already have, add new ones, or replace existing features with more efficient ones.

Microsoft Excel Reporting

Microsoft Excel Reporting

One of the most underrated aspects of Microsoft Excel is its reporting capability. Excel’s charting functionality is extremely user-friendly and has several built-in features that help you troubleshoot along the way. You can also cut and paste charts in Excel to add to reports in MS Word or even other applications.

We are ready and waiting to create reports that will ultimately help you make more informed business decisions to aid in the growth of your business. YittBox will help you view your data in many different capacities and turn your data into information. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain helpful insight into your business!

A few of the services we offer include:

  • Chart, Graph, and Visuals creation on existing data sets
  • PowerQuery solutions to integrate data from various other sources
  • API development to retrieve data from your SAAS based solutions such as QuickBooks Online
  • Integration with other Microsoft tools such as Microsoft Access to get the most out of each report
  • Fully automated reports with a simple “click of a button”. No more having analysts trying to write “macros” or spending hours a week creating the needed reports
Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access Conversion

Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Access Conversion

If your Excel spreadsheet has become too large to manage effectively, consider converting it to a Microsoft Access database. Access can handle larger amounts of data, allows for more storage, and is relational in nature. Additionally, Access has capabilities that Excel does not, like its ability to store information in one place and reference it in another and it also can assist in data management by enforcing relationships and data integrity.

Our team at YittBox will ensure a smooth transition from one tool to the other, so that you don’t have to worry! We’re confident that we can build a database that will suit all your needs and then some.

Our expertise in both Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access makes us the best fit for your transition. We are prepared to:

  • Create the new Access database
  • Build a data model to house the data
  • Define all needed unique keys and relationships in the data model
  • Import the data from the Excel file
  • Build all needed queries, forms, and reports needed to replicate and even enhance the functionality that existed in the Excel file
  • Add in custom user-level security and user log-in as needed
Microsoft Excel Data Analysis

Microsoft Excel Data Analysis

Given that there are hundreds of data analysis different functions in Excel, it can get quite overwhelming. If you’ve ever experienced frustration when inserting a function and getting an incorrect output, you’re in the right place. It’s our job to make sure that all functions are accurate and give you the output that you desire.

As experts in this arena, our goal is to make sure that the work we deliver to you is as helpful as possible and accurate. This means checking and double-checking formulas and functions, as well as communicating with you to be sure that you can analyze the data in as many productive ways as possible.

YittBox is here to help with a variety of MS Excel data analysis services, including:

  • Data analysis
  • Creation of visuals to aid in the users understanding of the data
  • Export of visuals and analysis into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to create a full analysis and tell a story.
  • Creation of Excel Models
Microsoft Excel to SharePoint Conversions

Microsoft Excel to SharePoint Conversions

Microsoft Excel is commonly used in processing and storing data, data analysis, automation, data visualizations, reporting, and a lot more. As collaborations are being done online nowadays, your Excel spreadsheet should be able to keep up with an enormous data.

Microsoft SharePoint has a built-in multi-purpose functionality and offers a seamless integration with Microsoft Excel. With its user-friendly feature, your team can utilize it simultaneously without losing any data.

Microsoft Excel to PowerApps Conversions

Microsoft Excel to PowerApps Conversions

Managing an Excel spreadsheet could be a handful sometimes especially when you are scaling a large data. PowerApps allows you to expeditiously build a program or an application to interact with your data.

With advance functionality, PowerApps can easily connect to different data sources like Excel. Together with YittBox, transform your Microsoft Excel into PowerApps for a more organized system by building an application that suits your business needs.

Microsoft Excel to CDS Conversions

Microsoft Excel to CDS Conversions

Consider converting your Microsoft Excel to Common Data Service (CDS) as it gives you a cloud-based data store where you can add logic to and apply custom security. If you have a larger relational data sets, CDS performs more effectively and could exceed the data limits of Microsoft Excel.

You can also utilize its model driven applications and other features to maximize its full potential. Our experts at YittBox can definitely help you in achieving this goal.

For expert Microsoft Excel services, contact YittBox today! We want to help you grow!

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