Faster Access Databases Performance Tips

Faster Access Databases Performance Tips

10/29/2019 4:43:52 AM

Every developer has their own coding style. Like some devs prefer to use docmd.RunSQL code, while others prefer to use db.Execute code. When I'm researching on best practices and procedures to be added into our VBA library collection, I stumbled upon a great paper explaining about Tips to Speed up Microsoft Access Databases Performance. This paper is honorably featured on Microsoft MSDN, and contained 100+ tips for faster Microsoft Access Databases, including:

  • Table Performance Tips

  • Linked Databases and Linked Tables

  • SQL Server and ODBC Performance Tips

  • Database Performance Tips

  • Query Performance Tips

  • Form Performance Tips

  • Report Performance Tips

  • Macros Tips

  • Access Module/VBA Performance Tips

  • Data Access Objects (DAO) Programming Tips

  • Jet Engine Tuning Tips

  • Access Startup Tips

  • Multiuser Performance Tips

  • Computer Performance Tips

  • Windows Performance Tips

  • Conclusion

  • Additional Resources from Microsoft

You can access the paper on FMS, inc site. Kudos for Luke Chung, President of FMS, and Dan Haught, Executive Vice President.

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